Friday, April 20, 2007

Consumer Cynicism Paper Outline

I. Introduction

II. Background
a. History of cynicism towards marketing/advertising campaigns
b. Generation X vs. Generation Y

i. Differences in technology preferences, reception to the media, preferred channels, etc.

III. How Consumers Respond to Different Distribution Channels
a. Internet
i. Spam
ii. Cookies
iii. Pop-ups
iv. Banners
b. TV/print media
i. Overplayed ads
c. Catalogs/mail
i. Spam
d. Telephone
i. Consumers’ distaste for telemarketers

IV. Unethical Marketing
a. Exaggerations/deception on labels and displays
b. Fine print & hidden charges
c. Loyalty cards pricing/privacy issues
d. “Switch and bait” selling
e. Marketing to children

V. Solutions to Breaching Consumer Cynicism
a. Don’t make a spectacle
i. The more aggressive/shrill the marketing tactics, the more desperate you seem to consumers
b. Deliver relevant messages that connect with consumers
i. Personalization
ii. Build relationships
iii. Understand their emotions & employ SEMs
c. Study consumer psychoanalysis
i. Certain brain neurons trigger memory and decision-making
ii. Human psyche & what really makes consumers “tick”
d. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
i. Encourages trust for brand

VI. Conclusion

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